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NZ$500 /night
NZ$1,500 /week
NZ$3,000 /month
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NZ$ 621 / mois

Room to share | 2 people

Davenport at brenda

5.2 km

I have a 2 bedroom duplex. I am renting out the 1 bedroom. Is all unfurnished. You can either fit a twin size or a full bed only. Washer and dryer is furnished to use for free. Will share the liveing room, kitchen and bathroom with shower and bath too. The garage is yours to use. I do not drive. I am also a non-smoker too. Must be a non-smoker too. I have 1 cat and hes a male 6 years old. You can bring your cat too. Small dogs allowed only. I have cable internet and phone in the liveing room. My lap top is on the kitchen table. Its central air too. You can put cable in your room if you like. Must pay half of cable. Gas and elelectric bill. Half of water bill too. And half of sewer bill too. I get ssi thats all i have to live on. I will pay 300 a month. My name is brenda and i am 67and i walk with a cane too.

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NZ$ 506 / mois

Private room | 2 people

Orion at Jordan

21.6 km

Full living room || || Full kitchen || || Bathroom || || Full basement || || Two bedrooms (mine + extra) || || Large closets, lots of closet space || || Hardwood floors, unfinished house || || || || +Animals, 2 Cats, 1 Dog || || Email me for more info.

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