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What is the Cost of Renting a Room from a Resident Landlord in England and Wales?

Paris, 3rd September 2015

Rent prices in England and Wales continue to soar. With no indication that this trend will slow down anytime soon, more and more students are turning towards renting rooms from resident landlords.
But how much does it cost? Roomlala has published the cost of living with a resident landlord in England and Wales.

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Roomlala launches in the UK & the USA after raising 1 million euros

Paris, 31st March 2015

Roomlala is already home to more than 60,000 room ads located all over the world where landlords offer spare rooms in their homes to tenants looking for an affordable and convivial accommodation.

This concept boasts a myriad of advantages over the traditional property rental such as its cost saving benefits, security (...)

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Roomlala’s Testimonials

Photo John


Roomlala really helped me. I work in a marketing firm in London and I live with my partner. We experienced difficulties in finding a decent apartment in London, at a fair price. When we bought a nice two bedroom apartment, we decided to rent out our second room to a student via Roomlala. It was really easy for my partner and I to find a tenant. Roomlala had very detailed user profiles and I could see all of the people interested in my advert. Everything went smoothly and the flatshare worked out pretty well. I wouldn't have had as much choice and security in choosing my tenant if it wasn't for Roomlala. And it's great that my spare room isn't going to waste, and I'm earning some money at the same time!
Photo Mandy


I got divorced last year, and my 15 year old daughter moved to New York with her father. I found myself alone in an empty house with a spare room, and the bills started piling up. I decided I'd rent out my daughter's old room, and I signed up to Roomlala. The entire process was very simple and transparent. If I was ever confused or concerned about anything, the Roomlala customer service team were there to help. Seeing as this was my first time doing something like this, I'm glad I chose Roomlala, I would highly recommend this site to anyone hesitant in the whole renting area. I decided to rent out my daughter's old room to a lovely 42 year old lady whom I found on Roomlala's site. This lady wanted to go back to university for a change of career, but couldn't afford to rent a whole apartment for herself. While at first I was hesitant about having a stranger living with me, I most definitely haven't regretted my choice since!
Photo Anthony


My parents left England to work in Hong Kong, but I didn't want to leave my friends and family behind in England. So my parents decided to let me stay in Birmingham, but only if I lived with an adult. We signed up to Roomlala and the whole process of finding accommodation was pretty simple. With our Premium Membership, we were able contact as many potential landlords as possible, and we could discuss in great detail about the accommodation etc. So now, I have a room in a house with a lovely old lady whom we met through Roomlala's website, and in return for the room, I help her with the shopping and cleaning. I would definitely recommend Roomlala, especially if you're looking for accommodation in exchange for work.
Photo Deirde


I moved to Dublin last year when I started college. The renting situation for students in Dublin is not ideal, so I thought I was going to have to try really hard to find a place to live, especially if I wanted a place close to my college. I found these two girls on Roomlala and saw they were looking for a housemate. I messaged them and after chatting with them and discussing the details about the accommodation and the rent etc. I told them I was really interested in their place. So they let me rent a room at their place and it's been a year now and my housemates are one of my best friends. Living with them has been amazing and we've gotten so close. I couldn't imagine not living with them anymore! Would definately recommend Roomlala for any students looking for accommodation.

Roomlala: Key Dates & Figures

1.3 million

2.3 million
conversations started

more than 40 000 ads
all around the world

more than 40 countries
to visit

3 months rentals
on average

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