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Our partners

• Students

Events for students on many themes: education, employment, housing, exams, administration.
Your school books can be bought and sold without commission on Getboox.com. Discover the books for sale near you and your campus!
Direct Emploi
Direct Emploi, employment site specialised on targeting people with 0 to 7 years experience.
Campustudy is a participative student review site. Internationally, it collects student’s reviews on training courses, cities and institutions from around the world.
L'Etudiant, is a magazine specialising in student life, student jobs, student housing and, above all, their opinions.

• Collaborative consumption

Costockage allows you to rent your storage spaces amongst individuals. We put the right space (a cellar, a parking space) with the right person!

• Housing

Dossier Familial
Dossierfamilial.com helps you on a daily basis. We give all our advice on how to to rent or co-rent an apartment, sign the lease, draw the necessary conclusions, recover the deposit... Follow the Tenant's Guide!
Studylease offers services for students in the field of private housing. The site presents a vast list of student residences in France and offers the possibility of booking for free, without obligation and in several languages.

• Moving

JeChange is the first independent and free service dedicated to the reduction of all current bills (energy, telecom, ADSL and insurance ...). During a move, JeChange takes charge of all the steps related to a change of service provider, from the cancellation of a contract to the subscription for a new one.
With Souscritoo, move all your contracts freely, quickly and without obligation (internet, home insurance, APL ...). Subscribe for the best offers for your needs at the best prices.
Change your address online. No more administrative paperwork! Mescoordonnees.com, the only site in France that will change your address with 90,000 suppliers. Confidentiality of Your Information Guaranteed!
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10 times more likely to find a rental
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