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What to Do in London in 3 Days

Travel | Europe | 29/11/16

London is a city known for its history, its fashion, and its culture. It's a vibrant city that is packed with historic monuments, lovely parks and lively pubs which create a unique British charm. If you're lucky enough to be visiting this beautiful city, then we've prepared a guide on how to see London in 3 days.

1st Day in London: The Main Attractions

London is a fascinating city, because not only is it rich with history and culture, it's also one of the most diverse and modern cities in the world. This unique mix of both modern and historic attractions has made London a popular tourist destination for people around the world. On the first day of your trip to London, you should visit the main historical tourist attractions in the city. Some of which include, the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, and the iconic Big Ben, situated at the heart of Westminster and close to St. James's Park. After, you can get some lunch at Borough Market, and then take a visit to the River Thames. Here you'll be able to see the famous Tower Bridge and St. Paul's Cathedral. In the evening, take a trip to the London Eye, which offers stunning views of the surrounding city.

2nd Day in London: Shopping Spree

London is also renowned for being the forefront of fashion. So why not do a bit of shopping on Oxford Street and Regent Street? You can also stroll to Knightsbridge and take a look at the world renowned department store, Harrods. If you're not into high end fashion, then Camden Town is another perfect shopping spot which shouldn't be missed!

3rd Day in London: Explore the neighbourhoods

On your last day, take a trip to the famous Notting Hill in London and enjoy its colourful and charming buildings. You can then take some time to explore the beautiful parks and gardens that this city has to offer. Why not go for a picnic in Kensington Gardens and then take a walk to Portobello to see its antiques market?

London Eye

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