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Online payment of rent

Just like with online reservations, online rent payments for long-term rentals become mandatory

News | Roomlala News | 05/02/19

We told you here that as of 1st January, online reservations have become mandatory on Roomlala. In line with this news, we would also like to inform you that the online rent payments for long-term rentals will now be mandatory beginning 12th February 2019.

How does that work?

It's really simple! As requested by the majority of our landlords, Roomlala now makes it easy for you to manage rent payments and secure your rentals.

Thus, as soon as you confirm a reservation for a long-term rental, Roomlala takes care of everything:

  • Sending rent calls and reminders to the tenant
  • Secure payment
  • Payment of rent to the landlord
  • Generating rent receipts / invoice for the tenant

Bonus: thanks to rent payments, you continue to benefit from the insurance included during the reservation!

In short, what does that look like?

Let's take an example! You confirm a reservation starting 1st May and ends in 31st October.

  • At the moment of reserving, the tenant pays for the rent of May strictly online
  • The first month's rent will thus be transferred to the landlord 48 hours after the tenant's arrival
  • As the rent payment deadline for the month of June approaches, the tenant will receive a rent notice
  • The tenant pays their rent for June online and will receive a rent receipt
  • The transfer of the rent will be made to the landlord within 48 hours
  • As the rent payment deadline for the month of July approaches, the tenant will receive a rent notice
  • And so on until October.

What happens to members who refuse to use Roomlala for rent intermediation?

Mandatory online rent payment means that landlords have to remind their tenants that the rent payment must be made strictly through the Roomlala platform. For tenants, this means that they must pay their rent online and respect the deadlines set by the Payment timeline. This obligation comes under the general conditions of use of Roomlala, and we will not hesitate to intervene if some users do not respect it. They will first receive a warning and, if this happens again, we reserve the right to exclude them from our platform.

For more information, feel free to visit our Help Center, specifically the following articles related to the subject:
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