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Online payment of rent

Just like with online reservations, online rent payments for long-term rentals become mandatory
We told you here th... Read

Online payment for reservations become mandatory

As of 1st January: online reservations will now be mandatory on Roomlala
Roomlala is preparing for some exciting changes this coming 2019! Among them is the obligation to pay online for all reservations. Up until 2018, ... Read

The Connect Pass

Say goodbye to the Premium Pass and say hello to the Connect Pass
At the end of the year, Roomlala is evolving the Premium Pass into the Connect Pass. Keep reading to find out more! ... Read

New : the online rent payments

NEW: rents for long-term stays can now be paid online
For long-term rentals (2 months and up), Roomlala now gives landlords the possibility to activate a Payment timeline. ... Read

Your new Roomlala home page

Discover your new dashboard!
Prepare a cup of coffee and get comfortable. We'll tell you everything about Roomlala's brand new dashboard, as you can probably notice. To provide... Read

Collaborative consumption

Collaborative Consumption in the UK

Collaborative Consumption in the UK


Commerce in the collaborative economy (also known as the ...

Collaborative Consumption in Ireland

Practicing Collaborative Consumption in Ireland


The underlying trend continues and shows no signs of stopping. ...


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