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How to Post an Advert on Roomlala

Got a spare room in your house? Did you know that by renting your room out to a student or someone travelling for work, you could benefit from increased income every month? Read on to find out how easy it is to post an ad on Roomlala.

Our easy advert creation process means you can offer your room for rent in only a few minutes. You can edit your ad at any time, just head to the tab ‘My Ads’ when logged into your account. The more details you give, the more requests you’ll receive!

1. Create a new ad

Got a spare room? Create an ad to rent it out. Got more than one? Create as many ads as you like from your account!

There are two ways to post an ad on Roomlala: • Click on “Post a free ad” in the top right corner of the Roomlala site;

Roomlala home page

• Or, log in to your account, click on “My ads” and then on “Post an ad for free”.

Roomlala My Ads page

You can also click on the button below to post an ad right now:

2. Choose your type of accommodation and how many people you want to host

You can post an ad for any of the following types of accommodation on Roomlala: • Spare room: you can rent a room in your main residence for a short, medium or long period of time; • Flatshare/houseshare: you can offer a house or flat ideal for several tenants, or post an ad for a room in an existing house- or flat-share; • Accommodation in exchange for work: accommodation for free or low rent in exchange for work (homework help, babysitting, personal care, etc); • B&B: you can welcome tourists for one or several nights and offer other services such as breakfast or activities; • Holiday rental: rent out your main residence when you’re not around or your secondary residence for short periods of time.

Roomlala type of accommodation ad

Now that you have chosen which type of accommodation you wish to offer, you can choose how many people you want to host.

3. Enter the address of your property

Insert a valid address so that your ad will appear in the search results for tenants looking for a room in your area. Your address is confidential and will not appear on the ad.

Roomlala address of property

If your address has not been recognised, move the marker to the spot as close to your property as possible and send us an email at contact@roomlala.com with your exact address so that we can modify it for you.

4. Choose your rent prices

Choose your currency (GBP if you are in the UK, for example) and fill in at least one price per night, per week or per month.

Roomlala choose currency and price

We recommend that you choose a price that reflects other prices near your house, in your town or in your area.

5. Describe your ad

Give your ad a title and a full description. Try to provide as much information as possible, such as nearby shops, public transport, etc.

> Check out our tips for creating a successful ad on Roomlala <

Roomlala description and title of ad

6. Fill in the availability of your ad

Mark the dates when your accommodation is available in green.

Roomlala ad calendar property availability

7. Add some photos

90% of reservations on our site are made for ads which have photos. Although it is not required, we strongly recommend that you include at least two good quality photos.

Roomlala add photos to advert

Congratulations! In just a few minutes you have posted your ad on Roomlala. Now, make sure you check your account regularly to respond to the reservation requests you will receive.

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