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Decorating Tips: Making the Most of Your Little Living Room

Have you got a small lounge that you want to make more comfortable? Here are a few tips and some good advice on how best to arrange your small living room to make the most of the space, based on the way your furniture is positioned.

What kind of furniture do I need in a small living room?

A sofa is an indispensable piece of furniture in a living room, but it’s also one of the most space-consuming. For a small room, you shouldn’t necessarily choose a small sofa; you could instead go for a corner sofa, either tailor made to fit your space, or one that slots in well and doesn’t stick out too far into the room. It would allow you to seat a lot of people, whilst also making it a comfortable, cocoon-like corner.

To separate what is living space, from the kitchen for instance, if they are in one room, you could arrange your furniture in such a way, so as to create a kind of perimeter, breaking-up the room. A set of shelves is always a good choice, it allows light to come through, whilst also creating a distinct living room area in your room.

If you are dealing with reduced space in your living room, try going for cozy chairs instead of armchairs, as well as a nice small, coffee table. Stacking tables allow you to make the most of a small space, because you can expand them when you have more people over.

If you want to bring old furniture up to, why not take a look at our tips for revamping old furniture click here .

Interior Decorating Trends

The way the room is decorated has a huge effect on the comfort of your little living room. A large patterned rug, for instance, makes the space seem bigger than it is: choose the colour wisely, bearing in mind how it will go with your walls and furniture, and most importantly, try to play with contrast. A flashy coloured rug can go really well in a light coloured room!

If the room is bright, you should go for light coloured walls and furniture; that way light will be reflected around the room, making it look bigger. You could also add a mirror, which would give the impression that the room has greater depth. For a cozy atmosphere, why not add a green plant next to the sofa to give the room a bit of natural freshness.

Think About Storage Solutions Too!

Even if your living room is a pretty small space, there are always some handy storage solutions that will suit your room. For instance, you can get sofas with drawers underneath, which save a huge amount of space. A set of shelves, or bookshelf that breaks-up the room can also act as a great storage space. A coffee table can also act as a storage space, they’re ideal for magazines for example.

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