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Flatshares vs. houseshares

Flatshares vs. houseshares: which should you choose?

Accommodation | Houseshare / Flatshare | 25/04/17

Among the many types of accommodation on offer for students, flatsharing and housesharing is one of the most practical, and most popular. Affordable on a tight budget, it’s also perfect for meeting new people and strengthening friendships. Some groups prefer a house, while others prefer a flat. Here is a couple of things to think about when choosing which way to go.

Flatsharing: the pros and cons

Flatsharing is a booming sector, and subsequently there is a lot on offer in large cities, particularly in London. This means that you might be able to be a bit choosier in your selection. If you want to find a place close to the centre of town, a flatshare is much easier to find as most houses tend to be further out. Once you are moved into your apartment, it is important to ensure everyone has their own space and that the shared communal spaces are kept available to all – living room, kitchen, bathrooms…

Overcrowding can be more of a problem in a flat or apartment than in a house. Often, there is only one bathroom between several people and living in flats tends to be noisier than living in a house.

Housesharing: the pros and cons

Housesharing is incredibly common among students at all universities. The rooms tend to be bigger, in particular shared spaces like the lounge or kitchen, than you would find in a flat. If you’re lucky, you might also have access to a garden, which can be great in summer for barbeques and soaking up the sun (although that may depend on whereabouts in Britain you are). Some houses also have several bathrooms, which is ideal for larger groups so that everyone can easily fit in their morning routine.

Houses tend to be less centrally located than flats, and may often be in designated student areas or residential regions of a city. This may mean a longer commute or a longer taxi ride to the bar, but generally there are amenities such as supermarkets within an easy distance. Depending on your city, you may find that the housing stock is much older than the newer build apartments and therefore may have different structural issues, such as damp or heating.

How can I find a flat or houseshare?

Choosing who you live with and where is a very important process. On Roomlala, you can find many ads for flatshares and houseshares, which you can browse at your leisure until you find the one that’s right for you. Thanks to our search features, you can filter by location, price and dates.

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