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Find a flatshare or houseshare in Bath

Find a flatshare or houseshare in Bath

Accommodation | Houseshare / Flatshare | 27/06/17

Bath is an ancient yet thriving city, with a huge number of students living and studying at the University of Bath and Bath Spa University. Bath is a small city with a lot of charm, and the small town feel is what makes it so welcoming to students. Bath is not just a student city; with the ancient Roman baths, beautiful architecture and its status as a UNESCO heritage site, it’s popular with tourists, families and professionals alike. It’s also one of the safest cities in the country. Flatsharing and housesharing is a great way to live in Bath for a reasonable price, leaving you more money to spend in the hidden gems and underground clubs of Bath.

Why choose Bath?

The two universities offer world-class education in a wide variety of courses, making Bath a great choice for ambitious students. Bath is rich in culture and history; its architecture and landmarks provide an immersive trip back in time. Whether it’s Roman, Regency or Georgian architecture that takes your fancy or a trip to the Jane Austen Museum, Bath has the time-travel sorted! That’s not to say Bath isn’t current; check out some of the underground clubs like The Second Bridge, Komedia and Moles. All Bath’s clubs are underground to reduce noise pollution and protect the city’s tranquil calm. Try some of Bath’s traditional afternoon tea at The Courtyard Café before taking a tour of Bath Abbey. Bath has a great selection of events on during the year; the Jane Austen Festival, the Great Bath Feast and the one-day Bike Bath cycling event, to name but a few! Of course, the Roman Baths are a fantastic trip, but if you prefer the real thing then Bath has plenty of modern-day spas on offer.

Interested in flatsharing? Check out some of our other articles on house shares and flat shares.

Flatshares and houseshares in Bath

Like many cities in the United Kingdom, Bath has plenty of houseshares and flatshares available for rent to students of both universities and professionals, families and locals too. As a compact city, it’s quite easy to get from place to place. Popular student areas include Oldfield, located within walking distance of the University of Bath campus and the city centre, Widcome and Bathwick, both in the city centre, and Newbridge, in the west of the city nearer Bath Spa’s Newton Park campus. All these areas offer different things; whether you want to be close to university, have cheaper rents or be in a thriving area, there is a place for you. Rents can vary depending on the area, but Bath is quite pricey as a city, so be sure to look out for bargains. For this reason, a house or flat share can be a great option to reduce your rent costs.

Roomlala has ads for flat and house shares in Bath, as well as spare rooms, if you feel that sharing is not for you.

Author: Roomlala

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