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Here you will find all the important information on room for rent with locals: rights and duties, taxation, advice. Whether you are a host or a tenant, you will find everything you need to know on the Roomlala Blog.

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Tips for Moving

We hope that you have finally found the perfect accommodation that will be your new home for the next academic year. Once you’re finally settled in, you’ll be ready for all sorts of new adventures: throwing a housewarming party, buying some new pl...

A Brief Guide to Accommodations in Exchange for Work

Today, it is easy for young adults to access information on how to plan their future. This isn’t just limited to choices of universities and career paths, but also how to move into their first home. As a result of how easy it is to procure this in...

Why Choose the Collaborative Economy?

Why Choose the Collaborative Economy?

The collaborative economy is a new form of marketplace that is based on the sharing and exchange of goods, services, and information between individuals. When you enter, you will discover many benefits, but also enter a global community. ...