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Landlord - Member since October 2015

Very easy to use, it allows me to get my favoured results quickly!

“Traveling is a big part of my life, I love visiting new places and learning new cultures. I really believe it has helped me become the person that I am today. With being a property owner, I love being able to host people in London, within my 4 bedroom flat. London is one of the major cities in the world, so there is always people traveling in and out. So using Roomlala allows me to advertise my available property easily and rake in some extra cash, while sharing and learning experiences!”



Landlord - Member since March 2014

I had to tell my friends about how handy Roomlala can be!

“With most of my children having moved out, me and my wife found the house can be quite empty. But when I stumbled across Roomlala, and saw how easy it was to post a free ad for a spare room…… I really could’not say no. I registered my account and posted my ad in a few easy steps. With that I started getting requests after a little while, at first it was slow, but I registered for a Connect pass, then I guess the game changed from there. I’ve hosted a few people now and it’s something I really enjoy. I fancy myself to be quite a good landlord actually!”



Tenant - Member since May 2014

Roomlala is so practical!

"Being a young individual and still undergoing my studies at university, I’ve had to travel abroad for international internships opportunities. This required me to find accommodation fast, and Roomlala helps me do that so conveniently. With that it helped restore my confidence in finding a safe place to stay due to the various security features they have to offer!"



Tenant - Member since July 2016

I went Connect and never looked back!

"Look, I’m not usually one to sign up for Connect memberships. Honestly without using the Connect membership on Roomlala, my year long stay in Canada would have been a nightmare ! Without it, I would’ve had much trouble with being able to the landlord directly. I was able to receive all her details easily and gain access to the property comfortably with no stress. It seems small but it’s really helpful!"



Tenant - Member since Febury 2017

Roomlala has helped me meet so many people!

"Being a big fan of traveling, I do my best to see the world out there. With that comes meeting new people and that’s something I love to do. Stepping out of my comfort zone allows me to build more confidence in myself. Communication often proved to be difficult, but it gets easier with time. One thing I did find real easy was finding a place to stay on Roomlala. They had so many ads to choose from, so it wasn’t hard to find a comfortable and affordable place to stay."

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